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PostPosted: Mon May 05, 2014 8:27 pm    Post subject: App: Eshoes

The application submitted by Eshoes is as follows:

Please provide a link to your character via wow-heroes. (NOT WOW ARMORY):

Hello! Please tells us about yourself, your raid experience (old content and new ), and what Role you are applying for.:
Raided ever tier when current since the release of BC.
Played somewhat seriously from Deaths Demise to US 37 ToT

Please provide a screenshot of your UI while IN COMBAT. *Healers please provide an additional screen shot of your custom buff/debuffs settings on your raid frames.:

Please provide a link to recent combat logs (i.e. World of Logs).:

Please link a speed test ( or similar [server: Dallas, Texas]) and tell us about your computer::

Please tell us about your character (i.e. Spec, Stat priority, Playstyle):
I hope my brief answers are not taken as insults. I'm super happy to talk to anyone on vent, mumble, or Raid Call. Just don't have the time tonight to write a formal cover letter. EJ druid forums are pretty dead, but I just do what I'm told for stats.

Please list ALL of the current macros you feel necessary to your character.:
/castsequence displacer beast, moonkin form

/cast nature's swiftness
/cast healing touch

#showtooltip Wrath
/stopmacro [help]
/targetenemy [noexists]
/stopmacro [noharm]
/console Sound_EnableSFX 0
/use 13
/use 14
/castsequence Wrath
/cast Starsurge
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
/console Sound_EnableSFX 1

target macros and fights require them ect

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 to 10 server (Central). Do you have any issues with this schedule? If so, please list them.:
I can make them all. Same work schedule for years.

What is the reasoning behind your profession choices? Are you willing to change them to min/max? :
I min meh -- meaning I take non gathering professions and then stop thinking about it.

Tell us what you are looking for in the following : Raid Team, Raid Leader, Guild, and Server.:
Someone to run logs, so I can turn off recount? An excuse to skip leg day?

Tell us why you are currently looking for a new guild to call home.:
Been away from raiding for months, since alpha went from casual 25's to 10's.

Aside from the obvious, Tell us what you bring to the team.:
Chicken and waffles.

How soon would you be able to join the guild if given a spot?:

Please list additional forms of Contact.:

Guild Perks
Server Status
WoWProgress Rank