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re: Monday night "continuation" - preliminary thoughts


Thanks to everyone for the hard work in preparing for raid each week and showing up on-time (for the most part). I'm very pleased with our progress considering that we've only raided a grand total of about 18 hrs.

This post is to stir some discussion about a Monday night "continuation" run. We seem to be just running out of time slightly in order to get a shot at progressing through the current content.

Now - I know a lot of our team have spots in the 25 man run, which has been using Mondays to clean-up in weeks where they have not finished the week's progression in the regular Tue-Thu schedule. So keeping that in's an idea for Monday for your consideration.

I was thinking of using Monday as a farm raid night and keeping Sunday as our progression night. In the current scheme, one could imagine focusing on Heart of Fear and/or Terrace of Endless Spring on Sunday evening and then using Monday night to blow through Mogu'shan Vaults.

In terms of raid roster makeup, I was thinking of opening slots in the roster to raiders that are currently not able to raid consistently with either the Sunday 10 man or Tue-Thu 25 man teams for one reason or another. This is a potential solution to those with toons in the 25 man regular roster being unable to make it because of a clean-up raid scheduled at the same time.

So our "casual" raiders in the guild could have a reliable place to sign-up to raid if they weren't able to get a raid in during the week. Or recent recruit raiders that didn't make it into the 25 man raids during the week could hop in the Monday run and Nytok/Ari/myself could give PJ/Ivy/Euph our thoughts on performance/attitude.

This is just a suggestion so feel free to comment, rate, subscribe, etc. Curious to hear your thoughts!

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re: Two Cents

Sounds like an excellent idea to open up those days for extra raiding. Realistically a few weeks of added raid nights would probably push progression faster, to the point of 1-2 farm night clears until the next tier.

Starting off the week with heavy progression and winding it down for clean ups sounds like the way to go.

And I know a lot of people keep themselves raid ready just in case they are needed and don't mind holding off their lockouts to help out with progression.

I personally have trouble making every raid night some weeks; but at the same time I don't mind hanging out in vent for the occasional dc / lag / pool is on fire situation; getting a saved lockout with nothing down isn't a big deal if it reduces downtime. Most of the time I'm just readings/marking ahead of due dates just so I can pop in if I'm needed.

Better guild progression always trumps personal progression! Just my two cents.
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