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re: Durumu the Forgotten


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re: Durumu the Forgotten


So, this fight is pretty straightforward in terms of the abilities.

Hardened Gaze: Beam on the ground. Purple spell effect. If you stand in it, it will knock you off the platform and die. I'm pretty sure it's not something you can be cute to get out of either (Warlock Portal, Heroic Leap, etc.).

Puddle Drop: He'll spawn arrows over 5 players' heads, and after a couple of seconds, you'll drop a purple puddle. You'll want a Weak Aura for this, as the arrows are hard to see, especially when you get to Happy Beam Fun Times Phase.

Happy Beam Fun Times Phase(I don't know the name of this):

Like Durumu's trash, there are hidden adds to find. Durumu spawns 3 beams on 3 random players, and it will create an arc of different coloured damage that has to be split by a certain number of people. Also, each beam and each add do different things. I'll start with the easiest first (for normal).

Yellow: Spawns on a random player. Moves on its own. Just get 8 people to split the damage and keep up with the beam.

Blue: Spawns on a random player, and controlled by the player. You want to sit still. Blue adds when found blow up on the raid and do stupid amounts of damage (at least they did on PTR). Once blue beam is set, don't move, else you may uncover a blue add. Still needs to be split.

Red: This beam has the fun job. At the beginning (right before beams come out), you'll see the adds being phased in/out. Someone needs to call this (designate one person - 20 people calling out positions really makes you want to hang yourself), and the red beam needs to uncover them. One important note about this: If you run too fast, you'll uncover the red add and then despawn it, which does a huge amount of raid damage, and is equivalent to a wipe. If you get this, move at a steady pace so you don't blow up the raid.

So, that's beam happy fun times phase.

Drain Life: A purple cloud (I LOVE THESE SPELL EFFECTS) will spawn near Durumu, and it will cast a Drain Life beam on someone. This person is stunned, and each tick of the beam will heal Durumu. Each tick will also debuff the person, such that the subsequent tick of Drain Life will heal Durumu for more. So, all you have to do is just stand in front of the previous person to intercept the beam. Don't let it get to more than 2 debuffs per person and you're fine.

Black Maze Fuck Me Sideways Phase:

I linked the video earlier mostly for this phase. Durumu goes C'thun mode and tries to Dark Glare the raid, and you have to run ahead of the beam. The catch is that he spawns a giant mass of purple "fuck-you" spell effects, and in this mass there is a maze to traverse.

The best way that we can come up with doing this is your raid runs to the edge of the solid wall (the wall of the maze you'll be running toward). As he spawns the rest of the maze behind you (where the Dark Glare will be coming from), there will be pockets as the maze catches up to you. Get your raid to stand in the pockets, and blow at least one defensive raid cooldown - preferably AM + a healing cooldown. Then, it's up to you to watch as the dark shadowy goop ahead of you clears and you can run through it. There are typically 2-3 paths that spawn. The melee path is fuck impossible to see, and requires patience of a zen master, as you'll be waiting until the last second to move. The ranged path usually spawns between the edge of the platform and a middle concentric circle of the maze. However, if he spawns the path at the edge of the platform, you're going to want at least one Stampeding Roar to help the raid keep up and keep ahead of the beam.

That's Durumu. The maze mechanic may make some sense based on the garbage video I posted of us killing it and my description, but it'll probably take a few wipes to get the hang of how to stay alive. Also, use healthstones as you're running through the maze.

Good luck, friends!

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re: Durumu the Forgotten

Here's a Weak Aura for Lingering Gaze I made:



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re: Durumu the Forgotten

oh zaph i<3u

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