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re: App: Fogal19

The application submitted by Fogal19 is as follows:

Please provide a link to your character via wow-heroes. (NOT WOW ARMORY):

Hello! Please tells us about yourself, your raid experience (old content and new ), and what Role you are applying for.:

I started in wrath on my warrior/lock cleared mostly everything through out the XPac. Didn't down a Few heroics at the end of ICC Ex- LK and Sin. Cata came out and I took a big break until DS and only cleared I think 2 bosses Heroic. MOP is when I went back to my lock. Started with the normal's from the first patches TOES HOF MSV. I then transferred to Stormrage from Burning legion due to a dead server on the alliance side and lack of raiding ability.
In TOT I got stuck on Animus Heroic and now in SoO I am currently 8/14 done some attempts on 11/14H. Im applying to you guild as a DPS Warlock.

Please provide a screenshot of your UI while IN COMBAT. *Healers please provide an additional screen shot of your custom buff/debuffs settings on your raid frames.:

Please provide a link to recent combat logs (i.e. World of Logs).:
Wow-Heroes !

Please link a speed test ( or similar [server: Dallas, Texas]) and tell us about your computer::

Its a good comp needs to be cleaned doesnt give me problems durring raid ATM.

Please tell us about your character (i.e. Spec, Stat priority, Playstyle):
Im affliction Main Spec Destro Off

I go my "around 13800" Haste BP with BOYB its over and then I go mastery mastery mastery. For affliction.

Im usually 1% below Hit cap, I dont find my self missing but rng is rng.

Destro is my OS so i havnt really changed stats when changing Specs. But the stats are just as good for either spec less haste though.

Please list ALL of the current macros you feel necessary to your character.:
I use Keybinds

Only macros are for my DefenseCDS and SS:SB

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 to 10 server (Central). Do you have any issues with this schedule? If so, please list them.:
Nope I do not

What is the reasoning behind your profession choices? Are you willing to change them to min/max? :
Both of My proffs are because they are the last couple I needed. The Alch is okay for 2hr Flask and BS just gives me extra Sockets. Id change them any time.

Tell us what you are looking for in the following : Raid Team, Raid Leader, Guild, and Server.:
A great team to call home. A raid lead that knows how to manage 25 people in a orderly fashion. An active Guild/Server is always fun at times that you are not raiding!

Tell us why you are currently looking for a new guild to call home.:
Ive came back from a Break. Wanting to raid with people who are actually wanting to progress and kill NPC's. Im looking due to lack of all this.

Aside from the obvious, Tell us what you bring to the team.:
Good Humor / personality. I'm fairly Confident about mechanics and am Open to change at anytime.

Quick learner

How soon would you be able to join the guild if given a spot?:
When ever youd like

Please list additional forms of Contact.:

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