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re: App: Nolane

The application submitted by Nolane is as follows:

Please provide a link to your character via wow-heroes. (NOT WOW ARMORY):

Hello! Please tells us about yourself, your raid experience (old content and new ), and what Role you are applying for.:
Hello back! I am a Navy corpsman living in CA. That's enough about my personal life for now. I started raiding when ICC came out, clearing 10m heroic and 11/12 25 heroic on my death knight. Cleared all of t11 raids on normal and half of the fights on heroic. Was away due to the navy for firelands, and cleared all of dragon soul on heroic.

Please provide a screenshot of your UI while IN COMBAT. *Healers please provide an additional screen shot of your custom buff/debuffs settings on your raid frames.:

Please provide a link to recent combat logs (i.e. World of Logs).:

Please link a speed test ( or similar [server: Dallas, Texas]) and tell us about your computer::

Please tell us about your character (i.e. Spec, Stat priority, Playstyle):
Balance druid stat priority for secondary stats is Hit(cap)>haste (5273)> crit > haste > mastery. Once you can achieve the secondary haste breakpoint of 10289 without losing much crit, it is worthwhile to do so.

Please list ALL of the current macros you feel necessary to your character.:
general macros
#showtooltip Innervate
/cast [@mouseover] Innervate

#showtooltip Rebirth
/cast Nature's Swiftness
/cast [@mouseover] Rebirth

#showtooltip Incarnation
/cast Incarnation
/cast Nature's Vigil

#showtooltip Ironbark
/cast [@mouseover] Ironbark

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 to 10 server (Central). Do you have any issues with this schedule? If so, please list them.:
Might be slightly late 1 week per month due to naval duty otherwise I have no qualms.

What is the reasoning behind your profession choices? Are you willing to change them to min/max? :
Would be changing inscription to engineering once I had enough gold.

Tell us what you are looking for in the following : Raid Team, Raid Leader, Guild, and Server.:
Raid team - competent, relaxed, and progressing.
Raid leader - Tactful, knowledgeable, and unbiased.
Guild - Active
Server - Active

Tell us why you are currently looking for a new guild to call home.:
Current guild is not to my liking.

Aside from the obvious, Tell us what you bring to the team.:
Define obvious. Obvious of me being a dps? Or obvious of me having a raid cd in hotw/tranq, a tank cd through symbiosis (or immunities from other classes).

How soon would you be able to join the guild if given a spot?:
As soon as you would like me to.

Please list additional forms of Contact.:

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