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re: App: Avvala

I sent you a realid request. Sorry for the delayed response. somehow managed to miss this app.

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re: App: Avvala

The application submitted by Avvala is as follows:

Please provide a link to your character via wow-heroes. (NOT WOW ARMORY):

Hello! Please tells us about yourself, your raid experience (old content and new ), and what Role you are applying for.:
My name is Sean. I play a fire mage so i am a dps. I started playing WoW just before Ulduar came out. My first raiding experience was ICC which I only cleared on 10man normal as i was in a social guild. Shortly are the start of Cata I joined a hardcore guild. In Cata we went 11/13H T11 leaving Al'akir and Council alive. In Firelands we went 6/7H pre nerf but never killed Rag. In DS went 8/8H frist 4 with no debuff, Ultraxion at 5%, Blachorn at 10% and both Spine and Madness at 15%. Joined a different guild just before MoP we went 12/16H in T14.

Please provide a screenshot of your UI while IN COMBAT. *Healers please provide an additional screen shot of your custom buff/debuffs settings on your raid frames.:

Please provide a link to recent combat logs (i.e. World of Logs).:

Please link a speed test ( or similar [server: Dallas, Texas]) and tell us about your computer::

Please tell us about your character (i.e. Spec, Stat priority, Playstyle):
I enjoy fire over other mage specs though will play others if needed. Fire is looking to be best in 5.2. For fir its int>hit/expertise to cap>crit>haste>mastery. Since crit is more the half as valuable as int I gem for crit over everything else and almost all socket bonuses are worth it. I play standard fire priority. I look for cumbustions of over 20K a tick at the least but aim for closer to 30K.

Please list ALL of the current macros you feel necessary to your character.:
I do not use a lot of macros. have /click extraactionbutton1.
One that is a /stopcast /cast counterspell
One that is a /stopcast /cast combustion
for 5.2 i am adding a macro for alter time and PoM at the same time

We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7 to 10 server (Central). Do you have any issues with this schedule? If so, please list them.:
I have no problem meeting those raid times.

What is the reasoning behind your profession choices? Are you willing to change them to min/max? :
I chose these professions long before i started raiding. They are good for the Int to rings and the lightweave proc. would be willing to change.

Tell us what you are looking for in the following : Raid Team, Raid Leader, Guild, and Server.:
For a raid team I just want a group of people the can handle the stuff and get upset at themselves when they screw up.
In a raid leader I want someone who will make good choices and that I feel confident can lead us to solid progression.
For a Guild I just want a place where i can feel like i have made friends that i could hang out with outside of raiding.
For a server as long as there are a good number of people online i am ok.

Tell us why you are currently looking for a new guild to call home.:
I am unhappy with the current direction is headed. I feel it was missed managed in t14. There was a lot of farm that was skipped when it wasnt need to be. there were times when it was decided to kill bosses on normal after we had already killed it on heroic in previous weeks. I see things going down hill.

Aside from the obvious, Tell us what you bring to the team.:
I dont really screw things up. I strive to be better every week. I contribute to strats when i feel i can add something.

How soon would you be able to join the guild if given a spot?:
ASAP. Though if you want me to switch professions I would prefer to do it before switching because It would take me a while before I could transfer all my gold to a new server.

Please list additional forms of Contact.:
RealID: Avvala#1814

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